Let’s start with what’s bugging you the most.

Is it your frustratingly cluttered kitchen? The kids’ chaotic playroom? Your painfully cramped closet? Or simply the fact that your home makes you feel seriously stressed out and overwhelmed?


I see you, working mama:

Giving your all to your family and career.

You are a wonder, woman.

And after a busy day navigating New York, you deserve to retreat to an oasis that enables you to relax, recharge, let your hair down and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Let’s make it happen.




Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m here to help you clear your clutter, simplify your stuff…

And set up and maintain personal organizational systems that work for you.

Together, we’ll create a home that empowers you to be more productive and efficient, while supporting your vision of a healthier, fuller and more fulfilling life.

(With your cutlery, clothes and crayons all perfectly in place.)

Curious about the woman behind Urban OrgaNYze?


My professional home organization service is all about:


Come explore some of

my past home organization projects


You’ll love

  • The surprising organizational side-effects of increased productivity, less stress and better health.

  • Leveling-up your hostess skills with a home that impresses your guests and leaves them wondering how on earth you do it.

  • The customized product recommendations that’ll complement your home and lifestyle.

  • My label maker! You laugh now, but these labels (in English, Spanish or whatever languages your household needs) will save your life and keep you accountable later.

  • Your beautifully folded sweaters, color-coded wardrobe and my secret pro organizer methods for making your home functional and beautiful.


The Urban OrgaNYze process


My signature SSS organizational system

Every expert has their secret weapon. This is mine



Together, we’ll create a clean slate for your home by deciding what you want to keep, toss, donate and consign.



Next, let’s turn your house into a home with a functional space and place for all of your things.



Finally, I’ll implement your new products to match efficiency with elegance so you have a home that you can be wholly proud of.


Ready to transform your clutter into calm?

Home organization packages

All packages include:

  • A generous discount on my hourly rate.

  • Product sourcing with a custom list of suggested organizational products expertly matched to your unique style and space.

  • A customized follow-up email with your own personal list of reminders and to-do’s.       

Please note: Cost of products is not included in packages.


The Urban Edit

Perfect for perfecting one small space or closet.

You get: Eight hours (two sessions) of hands-on organizing and coaching. One hour of post-session product sourcing.

The Mini Makeover

(most popular!)

Perfect for perfecting one medium-sized space or walk-in closet.

You get: 12 hours (three sessions) of hands-on organizing and coaching. Two hours of post-session product sourcing.

The Multi Makeover

(best value)

Perfect for perfecting multiple spaces in your home.

You get: 20 hours (five sessions) of hands-on organizing and coaching. Up to four hours of post-session product sourcing.


Need something a little more custom?

Check out Urban OrgaNYze’s à la carte menu, and let’s create a customized package that compliments you, your home, goals and lifestyle!


no. 1

Hands-On Organizing & Coaching
$120/hr (minimum four hours for new clients)

no. 2

Product Sourcing

no. 3

Maintenance Sessions
(for existing clients with spaces we’ve worked on before) starts at $360


Free Download

You’re ready to simplify... but what will you do with all the stuff you don’t want to keep?

Easy: Download my free Donation Transformation Guide and discover the best charitable organizations and places inNew York City to donate your items.



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And soak up some stress-free socializing, complete with instant organizational inspiration.

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